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Where Can You Scatter a Person’s Cremains?

Published: October 10, 2022
by ARN Funeral & Cremation Services
cremation services in Zionsville, IN

Does your family have its sights set on scattering a loved one’s cremains following their cremation services in Zionsville, IN? If you do, you should know about all the different places where you can scatter a person’s cremains before you decide where you would like to scatter them. We’ve put together a list of some possible places where you can scatter your loved one’s cremains in the near future. Check them out below and determine which option you and your family would like to go with. 

At sea 

You and your family will, unfortunately, not be able to scatter a loved one’s cremains right next to any bodies of water following their Zionsville, IN cremation. There are laws that will prevent you from scattering their cremains on, say, a beach. But if you’re willing to jump on a boat and take a loved one’s cremains out into the middle of the ocean, you can scatter them there. There will be several rules and regulations put in place by the U.S. Coast Guard that you’ll need to abide by. But as long as you’re willing to do it, scattering a loved one’s cremains at sea could be a fantastic option for your family. 

In one of the country’s national parks 

You might not think that any of the national parks scattered throughout the country would allow families to scatter their loved one’s cremains in them. But believe it or not, a large number of them let families do it. Families will need to seek permission from national parks prior to scattering their loved one’s cremains. They’ll also need to be sure that they only scatter their loved one’s cremains in designated areas. But scattering a loved one’s cremains in a national park could be a wonderful option if you’re interested in leaving them somewhere out in nature. 

On a mountaintop 

There are literally hundreds of mountains that dot this country. You probably have at least a few of them within driving distance of your home. If you’re on the hunt for a very majestic place to scatter a loved one’s cremains, you might want to look into doing it high up on a mountaintop. It’ll serve as the perfect backdrop for your loved one’s ash-scattering ceremony. Just make sure that all of your family members will be able to make the hike up a mountain for the ceremony. 

cremation services in Zionsville, IN

In your Own Backyard 

You should check with your local municipality before you start scattering your loved one’s cremains around in your backyard. They might have some rules against you doing it. But generally speaking, you should be able to get away with scattering a loved one’s cremains on your own private property. It’s a good way to keep your loved one’s cremains close while also making them a part of your property forever. It would be worth exploring this option if you don’t feel comfortable traveling anywhere else to scatter a loved one’s cremains. 

Our funeral home has been carrying out Zionsville, IN cremations for years now. We can help you pick out the right place to scatter your loved one’s cremains. We can also assist you with all the other aspects of the cremation planning process. Contact us now to get this process underway. 


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