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Experienced Provider Offers Many Options for Funeral and Cremation in Zionsville, IN

Helping you lay your loved one to rest with dignity and compassion, without spending too much money on funeral arrangements is the main goal of ARN Funeral & Cremation Services. For over 80 years, we have been a family-owned and operated funeral home serving the families in Zionsville, IN and the surrounding area. We are very proud to have a crematory on-site to give your family peace of mind and affordable prices. We strive to provide families with the highest level of care and personalization, so each memorial reflects the beauty and individuality of the person being remembered. Our entire staff is dedicated to preserving the dignity and sanctity of the funeral, memorial service, or burial and are pleased to serve all ethnic and religious groups with respect and expertise. Call us today at (317) 873-4776 for more details.

Zionsville, IN funeral home and cremationsAre you in need of making death care plans related to services such as a funeral and creon in Zionsvillemati, IN? In that case, there are some significant reasons you will want to find an experienced provider offering many services. Final arrangements are just what they sound like—final. There is no viable opportunity to redo a funeral service if things don’t go as expected. An experienced provider who offers many services will have the depth to understand how to support your service needs no matter how unique your situation. 

A provider that offers multiple services on-site can provide you with the protection and peace of mind that comes when your loved one will not need to leave their care for third-party service. This makes the arrangements a bit simpler since you can choose the best services for your circumstance and not just according to what is available.

A funeral can be planned in traditional ways or with modern influences. Funerals may be simple or elaborate with large guest lists or just a handful of the closest relations. However, they can all be beautiful and meaningful opportunities to pay those final respects and bring healing closure to the grieving. Because the funerals are offered centered around the presence of the deceased remains, the timeline of funerary events will usually be as soon as possible after death.

An increasingly chosen option for body disposition is cremation. A cremation procedure transitions the deceased remains from the complete form into a smaller collection of ashes called granules. The ‘ashes’ are the remnants of bone matter that did not thoroughly burn to vapor during the cremation process. Each cremation is completed for only one person at a time in a secure and identifiable manner.

Graveside services can be an additional ceremony with a funeral or offered as a stand-alone service. Like other commemorative events, this can bring a sense of reality and closure to the grieving family and close friends. In addition, a burial location can provide a place of permanent memorial that can be visited as you work through your grief. This is believed to be a supportive benefit of burial.

Ecologically Friendly Solutions with Green Funeral and Cremation in Zionsville, IN 

Many in our modern society feel concerned about the effects of outdated practices on final disposition and their impact on the environment. For that reason, we feel passionate about providing many possible solutions to help make these arrangements more naturally aligned with the biological process of decay. You may choose one answer or many. We offer these as options for funeral and cremation in Zionsville, IN, and still provide more traditional solutions because they are helpful and needed in some situations.

Opportunities to make cremation a “greener” offering can be found. In Indiana, very few funeral homes have the refrigeration space needed to hold bodies in cold storage until disposition can be completed. This makes embalming the remains practically unavoidable if you work with these establishments. Because we can guarantee cold storage up to the time the procedure is legally ready to happen, the preservation through embalming with toxic chemicals can be entirely avoided.

Funeral services and burial can also be more sustainably provided. The body may be washed and dressed as desired—and the family could participate in that ritual if wanted. Cold storage of the remains will be utilized, and options to facilitate a timely disposition will be encouraged. Some cemeteries can more readily accommodate a natural burial, such as those that do not require a concrete grave liner or burial vault.

What to Know When Selecting Funeral Merchandise

Our facility offers casket and urn sales options chosen explicitly for the biodegradable properties they boast. We carry an excellent product selection with pricing to meet a range of budgetary needs. Our urns and caskets are made from natural products to support a biodegradable reaction. Urns made from products like hemp and rock salt can be chosen for scattering needs, water burial, or earth burial. Caskets made from natural products like woven reeds or plain softwoods and linen shrouds are made to enclose the body for burial.

Monuments can be a sweet way to remember your loved ones and honor their memory with an eye-catching presence. You may browse our monument room if you want information about choosing a memorializing headstone or grave marker. As we work with all area cemeteries, our staff can help you find products that will be most appropriate for the destination by adhering to applicable regulations and rules that govern your site.

Reach Out for Immediate Needs or to Make an Appointment

If you need to make these plans for a funeral and cremation in Zionsville, IN, don’t hesitate to reach out to ARN Funeral & Cremation Services for more information. Our caring providers have many years of combined experience assisting families in their final goodbyes. Our beautiful and competitive offerings facility is found at 11411 N Michigan Rd, Zionsville, IN 46077. Please call (317) 873-4776 for immediate assistance or to discuss future needs.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

Why should I pre-plan my funeral?

  • There are several reasons why someone might choose to pre-plan their funeral. For one, it can take a great deal of stress off of your loved ones during an already difficult time. Additionally, pre-planning can help to ensure that your final wishes are carried out exactly as you desire.

Who is eligible for veteran benefits?

  • Veterans and their families may be eligible for a number of different benefits, depending on their service history and personal circumstances. Some of the most common benefits include healthcare, disability compensation, education and training opportunities, home loans, and burial and funeral benefits. Learn more about veterans’ services.

How do I pre-plan my funeral?

  • Pre-planning your funeral is easy with the help of a funeral director. You can set up an appointment to discuss your wishes and preferences, and they will take care of everything for you.

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