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Bad Excuses for Not Considering Cremations 

Published: May 15, 2023
by ARN Funeral & Cremation Services
Indianapolis, IN cremations

Even though there are more people choosing Indianapolis, IN cremations than ever before, you don't have to do it if you don't want to. You're still welcome to choose a burial for yourself as opposed to a cremation. You should, however, put some serious thought into this decision and make sure you're not relying on any bad excuses for not considering cremation services. People do this all the time and it robs them of the chance to consider cremation as a viable option. Here are a few of the worst excuses people make for not considering cremations. 

"I don't know enough about cremation" 

If you don't know enough about how a cremation in Indianapolis, IN works in 2023, there are so many ways to find out. You can research cremations online. You can also check out books about cremation from your local library. You might even know family members or friends who have cremated their loved ones. All of these options exist for those who don't know enough about cremation to choose it. You should take full advantage of them before you write off being cremated. 

"I'm not sure if funeral homes in my area offer cremation services" 

Once upon a time, funeral homes that offered cremation services were few and far between. People really had to work hard to track down funeral homes that could help them plan cremations. But in this day and age, most funeral homes can't afford to not offer cremations to people. You shouldn't have any trouble at all locating funeral homes that can help you. You should look around at the different ones in your area and see which ones can extend the assistance you need. 

"I don't think my religion permits cremation" 

This is another excuse that may have had some validity to it a while back. Many of the world's major religions were once against cremation and all that it stood for. But nowadays, almost all of these religions have reversed course and will now allow you to choose cremation if you want. You should do some research on where your religion stands on cremation. You might be surprised to learn how open your religion has become to allowing you to choose cremation services. 

Indianapolis, IN cremations

"I'm pretty sure my family won't agree with me choosing cremation" 

Your family might be steadfastly against the idea of you or any of your other family members choosing cremation services. But at the same time, many families have changed their attitudes when it comes to cremations over time. You might be pleasantly surprised to see where some of your family members now stand. It would be worth having a conversation about it at the very least. With the cremation rate rising as quickly as it is right now, you and all your other family members might be at least considering cremation services in the years to come. 

Would you like to discover more about cremation services in Indianapolis, IN before you shoot down the idea of choosing them? Our funeral home can set you up with all the necessary information on cremations. Reach out to us today to speak with a cremation specialist


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