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Comprehensive Provider for a Funeral and Cremation in Indianapolis, IN

We are known for our compassionate funeral and cremation services with sensible prices serving the families in Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding area. Founded in 1935, ARN Funeral & Cremation Services is a family-owned and operated business that is pleased to serve all ethnic and religious groups with respect and expertise. We strive to provide families with the highest level of care and personalization, so each memorial reflects the beauty and individuality of the person being remembered. Our dedicated staff provides families with the best possible service, expertise, and sensitivity required in making final arrangements for your cremation and funeral needs. Our facility, on-site crematory, monument showroom, and urn display room are designed to meet the needs of your family. Give us a call today at (317) 873-4776 for more information.

Indianapolis, IN funeral home and cremationsA family-owned and operated comprehensive provider of services like funeral and cremation in Indianapolis, IN, can be found at the experienced and trusted ARN Funeral & Cremation Services. We aim to provide a full array of funerary products and solutions to help you lay your loved one to rest in a meaningful and healing way. When you work with a full-service firm like us, you will have access to everything you might need without coordinating with multiple providers.

There are many possible options for honoring ceremonies and disposition solutions. A funeral is an event or series of connected events that work to bring closure and remember the person who has died. A whole range of emotions might be felt at a funeral event. Since funerary arrangements are held before the decedent is officially laid to rest, the scheduling of the event is usually close to the death date.

Some families want a more traditional burial, and others are interested in cremation. A cremation procedure is a suitable means to care for the deceased remains. The process renders all the body tissue prone to decay entirely inert. This occurs like everything, but the very hardest tissues are burned away in a furnace chamber. The incineration takes only a few hours since the heat is highly intense. The remaining bone fragments are granularized into tiny pieces, referred to as “ashes.”

If you are looking for a more streamlined event to lay your loved one to rest, it works well to have a graveside service just before the internment. A graveside committal service can also be paired with a more traditional funerary service. Seeing the remains lowered can be helpful with the often-painful transition to accepting this new reality.

Sustainable Solutions for Green Funeral and Cremation in Indianapolis, IN 

For service options with funeral and cremation in Indianapolis, IN, there are ways to make the process more sustainable with “green” and earth-friendly solutions to reduce the final footprint. When possible, avoiding things like embalming and concrete burial vaults can facilitate a much simpler decomposition process.

Greener cremation can be helped by having the remains fully refrigerated until the process starts. Did you know? Not all funeral homes in IN have adequate refrigerated storage space. ARN Funeral & Cremation Services absolutely does. This makes it possible and practical to avoid an embalming procedure if you would like to. We offer a wide selection of urns made from natural materials that are fully biodegradable.

Green funeral and burial services are becoming more widely available nationwide. Once again, embalming is not a legal necessity but can be the right solution for some families. Instead, look for a cemetery that will support more natural burial solutions, such as a site that will allow you to bury your loved one without external burial vaults or grave liners. Your deathcare experts at ARN Funeral & Cremation Services will have some great ideas for you regarding where the most sustainable burial parks are located.

Selecting Funerary Merchandise

When our staff and experts support families in selecting funerary merchandise like caskets and urns, we seek to offer compassionate education and transparent pricing. With our passion for helping facilitate natural burial, our products are fully biodegradable, with offerings covering a range of price points. Urns can be designed for temporary use, urn plot burial, a tree planting burial, or water disposition. Caskets can be made of untreated wood such as plain pine or wicker-style woven containers.

Knowing that most burial parks allow some type of grave marker or headstone monument, our facility does have a monument room where you can discuss your vision and order a stone when the time is right. Monument sales (like our casket and urn sales) are never meant to be overbearing or high-pressure. We work extensively with area cemeteries, so we make it a point to be familiar with the local ordinances and regulations that apply to installing monuments therein.

Making Future Plans

One of the difficulties that bereaved family members face is knowing what their loved ones would have chosen for themselves regarding final arrangements. There is a way to help your closest relatives when they face the difficult time of your passing. You can make plans for your death care right now. Many decisions need to be made when someone passes away—most of them within the first 48 hours after death. You can ease this burden for your loved ones by thinking about your desired form of disposition, honoring events, and getting your selections recorded with your chosen funeral home.

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If you have questions or need immediate support, please call (317) 873-4776 to connect with the compassionate experts at ARN Funeral & Cremation Services. We are here to help you find the best solutions with funeral and cremation in Indianapolis, IN, as it relates to your specific situation. Our modern, accommodating facility is at 1411 N Michigan Rd, Zionsville, IN 46077.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

 What should I do if I need to arrange a funeral?

  • Contact a funeral home, the staff will be able to help you select the services that are right for your situation and budget. They can also provide information about their funeral services like burial options and obituaries. Once you’ve made all of your arrangements, the funeral home will take care of everything on the day of the service.
How much does a burial service cost?

  • The cost of a burial service will vary depending on the type of service you choose and the location of the cemetery. A traditional funeral service with a wake and internment can cost several thousand dollars. A cremation service is usually less expensive, but it will still depend on the location of the crematorium and any other services you add on. Green burials are typically the most affordable option, but they may not be available in all areas.

What should I wear to a funeral?

  • There is no one answer to this question. It depends on the culture of the deceased and the wishes of their family. In general, it is appropriate to dress conservatively out of respect for the person who has died. Learn more about funeral etiquette.

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