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Biggest Decisions Families Must Make at Funeral Homes 

Published: February 20, 2023
by ARN Funeral & Cremation Services
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Did you know that the average family will have to make upwards of 150 decisions while working with one of the funeral homes in Zionsville, IN? It isn't as easy as you might think to map out a loved one's funeral services! The good news is that most of these decisions will be relatively easy to make. There will, however, be some very big decisions that will need to be made. Check out some of the biggest decisions that families must make at funeral homes below so that you're prepared to make them. 

Do you want to bury a loved one or cremate them? 

The biggest decision that you and your family will have to make at a Zionsville, IN funeral home is whether you would like to bury your loved one or have them cremated. In some cases, this will be an easy decision to make if your loved one lets you know which option they preferred. But if your family has to make this decision, it's going to weigh on you. You will need to spend your fair share of time discussing it and looking at things from both sides so that you feel confident in your decision in the end. 

Would you like to hold a funeral for a loved one? 

Regardless of whether you ultimately choose to bury a loved one or cremate them, you will be able to hold a funeral for your loved one. But it's going to be up to you to choose what type of funeral you would like to hold if you want to hold one at all. You can go with a very small private funeral if you so choose, or you can go with a large memorial service if you'd like. This is another decision that your family should discuss at length since you'll need to let a funeral home know what you have in mind as soon as possible. 

Which casket or urn do you want to buy for a loved one? 

If you're going to bury your loved one, you will need to pick out a casket for them. If you're going to cremate them, you will need to select an urn. You might think that it would be simple enough to shop around for a casket or urn and buy one, but you're going to be surprised to see how many different options there are. You and your family will need to work your way through these options as quickly as you can and narrow them down so that you can choose one over all the rest. 

funeral homes in Zionsville, IN

What will your funeral planning budget be? 

If you don't put a funeral planning budget in place for a loved one's funeral services, you're probably going to end up spending more than you planned to. Because of this, you will want to work on coming up with a budget before you make a single decision related to your loved one's funeral services. The sooner that you're able to put a budget into place, the sooner you'll be able to begin planning your loved one's funeral services without having to worry about spending a small fortune on them. 

You and your family don't have to make all the decisions about your loved one's Zionsville, IN funeral services on your own. Our funeral home will be here to help you every step of the way. Reach out to us now to begin planning a funeral for your loved one


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