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Where Religions Stand on Cremation Services 

Published: November 14, 2022
by ARN Funeral & Cremation Services
cremation services in Carmel, IN

Are you considering choosing cremation services in Carmel, IN over burial services for either yourself or a loved one? If you are, one of the only things holding you back might be your religious beliefs. People are often under the impression that all religions are against allowing people to choose cremation services. But this isn’t always the case anymore. Learn about where religions stand on cremation services below. 

Most major religions used to be against cremation. 

For many years, just about all of the world’s major religions were 100 percent against Carmel, IN cremations. They wouldn’t allow people to even consider cremation services for themselves and/or others. This is a big part of the reason why so many people think that religions are still against cremation. They assume that there is no way that the world’s religions could have come around to accepting cremation as quickly as they did. 

Many religions have come around to accepting cremation. 

Despite what some people think, all religions are not against allowing cremation anymore. In fact, quite a few religions have come around to accepting cremation over the last 100 years or so. Even Catholicism which didn’t seem like it was ever going to allow cremation has come around to allowing people to choose cremation. You might be surprised to see where your specific religion falls on the cremation debate. Many religions have begun to rethink their initial stances on cremation and change them. 

Some religions still forbid cremation. 

While most major religions have now accepted cremation as a viable option, we should point out that there are still some religions that are against it. Judaism, for example, has not gotten on board with cremation services, and it doesn’t appear as though this religion ever will. The same can be said for Islam, which is also very much against allowing cremation. There is, of course, a chance that these religions could start singing a different tune soon. But for now, they continue to outlaw cremation in all forms. 

cremation services in Carmel, IN

It should be simple enough to see where your religion falls on cremation. 

If you’re wondering where your religion stands on cremation, you shouldn’t have too much trouble figuring it out. You should be able to track down online articles that cover your religion’s stance on cremation. You should also be able to get answers about where your religion falls on cremation by speaking with religious leaders. Whatever you do, just make sure that you don’t assume that your religion doesn’t allow cremation. There is a good chance that you may be wrong about this. 

Do you want to find out where your religion stands on your choosing a Carmel, IN cremation? Our funeral home should be able to help you figure it out in no time at all. It’ll help you make a more informed decision as far as whether or not cremation would be right for you or a loved one. Contact us now to get more information on your religion’s stance on cremation services. 


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