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What to Look at When Taking Tours of Funeral Homes

Published: September 5, 2022
by ARN Funeral & Cremation Services

From the outside looking in, a lot of the funeral homes in Indianapolis, IN are going to appear to be the same. But once you start looking around inside funeral homes, you’ll quickly find that there are many things that set them apart. It’s why you should attempt to take tours of as many funeral homes as you can prior to selecting one over all your other options. Check out what you should look for when you’re taking tours of funeral homes below. 

The size of a funeral home 

If you’re going to hold Indianapolis, IN funeral services for a loved one at a funeral home, you want to know that it’s going to be large enough to fit everyone in attendance. So from the get-go, you should be looking at the size of a funeral home and seeing whether or not it’s going to be big enough. If a funeral home feels too small to you, it won’t be a great option. It’s better for a funeral home to have too much space in it than to not have enough. That could prevent people from being able to attend your loved one’s funeral services. 

The layout of a funeral home 

In addition to taking a good look at a funeral home’s size, you should also sneak a peek at its layout. Just because a funeral home is big doesn’t mean that its individual rooms won’t be on the smaller side. You should try to get a feel for how a funeral home is laid out as you’re walking around inside of it. You might even want to go as far as to pick out the room that would work best for a loved one’s funeral services so that you can be sure it has a room that will fit all your guests. 

The cleanliness of a funeral home 

In this day and age, families really can’t afford to hold funeral services for their loved ones in funeral homes that aren’t as clean as it gets. With the COVID-19 pandemic still hanging around, they need funeral homes to take cleanliness seriously. You and your family can gauge how clean a funeral home is while you’re touring it. If you sense that a funeral home doesn’t clean its facility enough, that could be reason enough for you to take your business elsewhere. 

The staff at a funeral home 

A funeral home might look amazing and be large enough for your family, but at the end of the day, it’s going to be its staff that will determine whether you have a great experience at it. For this reason, you shouldn’t be shy about saying hello to as many funeral home staff members as you can. They should provide you with a warm welcome and answer any and all questions you might have about their funeral home. If you don’t get a good feeling from a funeral home staff during a tour, it might not be the right funeral home for your family. 

Are you interested in taking a tour of our Indianapolis, IN funeral home? We would love to show you around and talk to you about what you can expect from our funeral services. Call us today to schedule a tour with one of our experienced funeral directors. 


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