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Reasons Why Cremation Services Are So Popular

Published: June 27, 2022

When families made funeral arrangements for their loved ones just 20 years ago, they almost always chose to bury them rather than cremating them. Burial services were clearly more popular than cremation services in Carmel, IN back then. But nowadays, the cremation rate has risen more rapidly than anyone could have ever anticipated. As a result, more than 50 percent of families are now cremating their loved ones—and that number is expected to climb up over the 70-percent mark within the next 20 years. Want to know why this is? Here are some of the reasons for the sudden surge in cremation’s popularity.

Cremation services are more readily accessible than in past years.

As recently as just 20 years ago, most funeral homes throughout the country couldn’t help those families that wanted to plan Carmel, IN cremations. This is arguably the top reason why the cremation rate was so low back then. But in more recent years, a lot of funeral homes have started to come around to the idea of providing cremation services. It has made cremation way more accessible than it once was.

People know so much more about cremation services than they used to.

If you wanted to learn about a particular subject 20 years ago, it wasn’t super easy to do. Back then, the internet was still in its infancy stage, which meant that people couldn’t always just Google topics that they wanted to learn about and get hit with an endless amount of information. But of course, that is no longer the case. It’s so simple for people to get information on a topic like cremation these days. It’s allowed people to discover more about cremation and to see why choosing cremation isn’t as scary as they may have thought.

Cremation services are easier to plan out than burial services.

When a family is planning burial services for a loved one, they usually have to make right around 150 decisions in total. That is obviously a lot of decisions for a family to make within just a few days. When they’re planning cremation services, on the other hand, they won’t have to make anywhere near that number of decisions. It makes planning cremation services easier than planning burial services in the grand scheme of things. It’s yet another thing families have come to appreciate when it comes to cremation services.

The cost of cremation services is a lot less than the cost of burial services.

At the end of the day, many families are trying their best to stick to budgets nowadays when planning cremations for their loved ones. They can’t afford to break the bank on expensive funeral services. It’s one more way in which cremation services are superior to burial services. A family will typically be able to plan a cremation for a loved one for just a fraction of what it would cost them to plan a burial.

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