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Why Choose Cremation Services?

Published: November 27, 2023
by ARN Funeral & Cremation Services
Indianapolis, IN cremation services

One of life’s most challenging decisions is planning a loved one's final journey. This choice has deep emotional and spiritual undertones that color our lives and how we remember those who have passed. Over the years, more and more families have been gravitating towards Indianapolis, IN cremation services. But why choose cremation over traditional burial methods?  

Benefits of Choosing Cremation 

When it comes to organizing an honorable and respectful farewell for a loved one, cremation provides several unique advantages, leading many to its door.  

The Gift of Time: Flexible Memorial Options 

Cremation offers the grieving numerous choices for memorializing their deceased loved ones. Instead of being restricted by the immediate requirements of a burial process, the families have an opportunity to hold memorials at their convenience, perhaps even in a location significant to the departed or their family.  

Simplified Preplanning 

Preplanning a cremation simplifies the end-of-life process. It allows individuals to share specific wishes, eliminating uncertainties for the family and potentially reducing the financial burden. 

Direct Cremation 

Known as direct cremation, it involves transferring the deceased to the crematory shortly after passing. This simplified process allows the family to focus on grieving without the stress of planning an immediate service. 

Cremation followed by a Service 

In this arrangement, a ceremony – either a funeral or a memorial – is held after the cremation. It accommodates families who need more time to prepare for the gathering or who may want to invite distant relatives. 

Combined Cremation and Funeral Services 

Often families want to hold a funeral or a service before the cremation process. This avenue allows for proper goodbyes, after which it can be comforting to keep the departed's ashes close, without the pressures of immediate burial arrangements. 

A Blend of Cremation and Traditional Funeral Services 

This option enables holding a traditional viewing or funeral service with the body present in a rented casket, followed by cremation. This balance provides closure to the immediate family and friends while accommodating the increasing preference towards cremation as the final disposition method. 

Making an Informed Decision 

Deciding on the final rites for a loved one is far from easy. It demands a significant amount of emotional resilience and considerate decision-making. Having a firm grasp on the reasons behind the rising trend towards cremation can help individuals and families make informed choices for themselves or their loved ones. 

Indianapolis, IN cremation services


In conclusion, determining the final disposition method in a way that resonates with your loved one's life and honors their memory is pivotal. We hope this guide has shed light on why many are choosing cremation services, the benefits it offers, and the varied options it avails you.  

ARN Funeral & Cremation Services, as an esteemed provider of cremation services in Indianapolis, IN, are at your service to walk beside you during this journey. Our team excels in delivering dignified, compassionate, and personalized services that respect your unique needs and wishes. You can rely on our professional expertise and caring assistance during this significant procedure. 


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