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How Does a Cremation with a Memorial Service Work?

Published: September 25, 2023
by ARN Funeral & Cremation Services
Indianapolis, IN Cremation Services

Moving through the grief of losing a beloved one can be a demanding process. In this context, understanding their final rites can bring solace and closure. Indianapolis, IN Cremation Services offer comfort in these trying times by providing cremations complemented with a memorial service. But how does this work? Let's uncover the details behind this process. 

Understanding Cremation 

Cremation is an alternate to traditional burial and has gained popularity over the past few years. It involves the burning of a deceased's body at high temperatures, to convert it into "ashes" or cremains. But it's not just the method of disposal; it's also about commemorating the life of the departed person.  

Cremation and Memorial Service: The Process 

The Pre-planning Stage 

Before the cremation takes place, the family or the deceased - if pre-planned - makes the necessary arrangements with the chosen funeral home or crematory. Paperwork, ceremonies to be conducted, and other preferences are discussed in this stage. 


After gathering the necessary permissions, the body is prepared - typically removal of personal items and medical devices - and placed in a heat-resistant container before being put in the cremation chamber. It usually takes hours for the process to complete.  

Collection of Cremains 

Once the cremation is completed, the cremains are collected and processed into a fine, sand-like consistency. These are then transferred into an urn or any other container selected by the family. 

Memorial Service 

Alongside or post-cremation, a memorial service takes place. Contrary to common belief, this serves as a pivotal aspect, giving the chance for family and friends to congregate and celebrate the life of the deceased. 

Planning the Memorial Service 

The memorial service allows relatives and friends to mourn the loss and commemorate the life of the deceased, helping them come to terms with their grief. This can be personalized according to the deceased's wishes or family preferences – a religious ceremony, a simple gathering, or even an elaborate celebration of life event.  

Each service can be made unique through choices like the location, music, readings, or including a eulogy. Some families prefer to showcase photos or possessions of the loved one, offering a personal touch.  

Indianapolis, IN Cremation Services


Choosing cremation with a memorial service, makes certain we keep alive the memory of our loved ones while offering a platform for healing and acceptance. This comprehensive guide to the process from ARN Funeral & Cremation Services can help alleviate some uncertainties in such challenging times. 

At ARN Funeral & Cremation Services, we provide more than just assistance. Our team ensures you have a smooth, comforting experience as you navigate through this transitional phase. We understand that every life is unique, and each should be remembered in their special way. From the diligent planning of the memorial service to the respectful execution of the cremation process, we are committed to honoring your loved one's life. 

Always remember, acknowledging your feelings of loss and properly grieving is just as important as honoring the final goodbyes. With Indianapolis, IN Cremation Services, we make sure every step is taken with care. 


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