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Is It a Good Idea to Bring Kids to Funeral Homes? 

Published: December 19, 2022
by ARN Funeral & Cremation Services
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Parents often wonder whether or not they should bring their kids with them when they visit funeral homes in Carmel, IN. They're not sure if it'll prove to be a good idea in the end. As a parent, you're more than welcome to take your kids with you to a funeral home if you feel as though they'll be able to handle it. But if you decide to bring them along, you should make sure you take the right steps while doing it. Take a look at some tips on bringing kids with you to funeral homes below.

Think about if your kids will truly benefit from coming to a funeral home with you. 

If you're going to bring your kids with you to a Carmel, IN funeral home, it'll be important that they benefit from it in some way. You might not want to bring them to a funeral home for funeral services for, say, your coworker that they hadn't ever met before. But if you're heading to a funeral for an immediate family member, that will be a different story. Your kids may benefit from being able to say goodbye to someone who was an important part of your family in this case. 

Talk to your kids about what it will be like to visit a funeral home. 

If you decide that your kids will be able to benefit from visiting a funeral home, you can commit to bringing them with you. At that point, you should sit down with them and have a talk about what it will be like to visit a funeral home. You don't ever want to take your kids to a funeral home without preparing them for what they may see. If you do, they might get very upset after seeing their loved ones crying and mourning the loss of a family member. You'll be so much better off when you get them ready for this in advance. 

Tell your kids that they need to be as quiet as they can possibly be at a funeral home. 

When you and your kids enter a funeral home, you'll all need to be very quiet. If your kids make any noise at all, it could prevent other people from being able to grieve a loved one's loss. You should speak with your kids about how they're not going to be able to talk inside a funeral home before you walk into one. You should also work on setting a great example for your kids by remaining quiet when you get into a funeral home. 

funeral homes in Carmel, IN

Prepare to step out of a funeral home if your kids begin to misbehave. 

Kids are going to be kids, and as a result, they might misbehave at certain points during a trip to a funeral home. If and when this happens, you should be fully prepared to take them outside until they're ready to start behaving again. This way, you won't have to worry about them disrupting other people. You should be able to get your kids under control once you've been outside for a few minutes so that you can get back inside to continue mourning your loved one's loss. 

Parents are always free to bring their kids with them to Carmel, IN funeral services at our funeral home. We routinely work with families to make funeral services as kid-friendly as we can. Reach out to us now to start making funeral arrangements for a loved one. 


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